Cast Youth Theatre: Spotlights (ages 11-14)

Spotlights takes place on a Wednesday, 5.30pm-7pm and sessions are for young people aged 11 – 14. 

'At Spotlights sessions, we work to develop our devising skills for creating our own theatre. This includes ensemble building activities, exploring ways of creating stories and what makes them interesting to watch on stage. Sessions include fun theatre games and activities that help the group to trust each other, with a big emphasis on improvisation skills. I always make sure the participants have their voices heard and get to try their own things in the sessions too. At the moment, we are working on a big script for the National Theatre Connections festival!'

- Spotlights Leader, Annabel Weeden
Spotlights is all about discovering ways to tell stories and we'll support you to not feel self-conscious, learn to create characters and make yourself heard.

We're all about giving you the confidence to unlock your acting and performing abilities, while you work together with others to make up new short plays.


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