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A message to the artistic & creative community in Doncaster

It’s a tough time and we know how concerned and unsettled everyone is feeling right now. Although we can’t be together in the same room we want you to know that Cast is still here for you. Our Associate Producer Rosie Clark is still working on our Talent Development activity and we are constantly adapting our practise and events to ensure we continue engaging and supporting you. If you have any questions or concerns or need specific support round a funding application or proposal for an idea please get in touch and where we can we will help. We also want you to be a part of the conversation, what do you need right now? What advice? Support? Information? Workshops? Upskilling? Work? Opportunities? Ideas? Joy? Do you need to continue to stay creative and engaged during lock down? We believe that we work better together, when we collaborate and join forces so please drop us a line rosie@castindoncaster.com

Thank you, keep safe and see you soon



There are three strands to Cast’s strategy for developing and nurturing professional creative talent.

Space - Research and Development (We are currently booking R&D space from Sep-November 2021 & from Jan 2022 onwards) 

Our building is open as a creative centre for artists to develop and create new work. We support a range of residencies throughout the year, available to not-for-profit practitioners working in the performing arts at all career stages. We have 2 purpose built rehearsal rooms here at cast. Our Dance space is a double height, sprung flat floor studio, it has a capacity of approximately 80 people for viewing performance. The studio features mirrors across one wall and dance barres are installed. Our Drama Space is furnished with the latest sound and lighting equipment, Its intimate, black box design is both flexible and spacious for break-out activity or movement.  

For any R&D/rehearsal space please get in touch with Associate Producer rosie@castindoncaster.com

Production Support

Production Support is open to artists looking to realise projects and productions that will be premiered or seen at Cast. As part of a developing relationship with Cast, artists can benefit from a range of existing in-house resources through a programme of bespoke support.

Associate Artists

Associate Artists are fixed-term relationships (of between 1-5 years) with Cast which can include production support, extended opportunities for R&D, brand endorsement, advocacy, access to mentoring and advice from Cast staff and assistance with strategic planning or company development.

Cast is committed to supporting creativity. If you’d like to start a relationship with Cast or find out more about our Talent Development opportunities, get in touch: Associate Producer Rosie Clark at rosie@castindoncaster.com or call 01302 303 950.

Funding SupportIf you are based in Doncaster and are applying for funding to support a creative project and want someone to cast an eye over your application, please get in touch with Rosie rosie@castindoncaster.com. 

Scratch Nights - We host at least 3 scratch nights a year in our second space. These are an opportunity to work on a new creative idea, spend time and space developing a project and an opportunity to share your workings infront of a live audience and receive useful feedback. To hear about our next scratch night, sign up to our Artist Co-op mailing list - Here.