About Cast

About Cast

Cast is a purpose-built theatre venue in the centre of Doncaster which opened in September 2013. Since then, Cast has begun to play a key part in increasing the profile of Doncaster and aspiration within the town. We are working hard with partners to bring the world to Doncaster and Doncaster to the World.


Cast's Vision

We believe in the creative potential of every individual and the transformative power of engagement with the arts.  Cast’s work will enrich and inspire the people of Doncaster and the wider region, contributing to vibrant and creative communities. 


Cast's Mission

To enrich the creative and cultural life of our communities through high-quality artistic experiences.


Cast's Aims: The Four Strands

We want to develop the venue as a dynamic and well-loved asset; to encourage pride, accessibility and ownership. We want Cast to be a place where people feel welcome to explore, enjoy and express their cultural selves.  We will do this through 4 main strands of work:  Performance, Participation, Catalyst and Partnership



Raise engagement in the arts in Doncaster through a varied programme of high quality performance


To transform aspiration and develop cultural capital through participation in creative activity


To encourage a vibrant dynamic confident community using the arts as a catalyst for conversation and debate based conversation, and to use the arts as a powerful tool for social change, place making and well-being.


To work in partnership using the arts to deliver Cast’s strategic and artistic goals, working with individual artists, arts companies, corporates, statutory bodies and agencies

Cast takes is strategic steer from its two main investors The Arts Council of England and their 5 key strategic goals and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council’s Cultural Strategy and its overall strategic plan ‘Doncaster Growing Together’