Content Warnings

We want to give you the most complete information we can about our shows, so you can have a great experience when you visit Cast.

Cast is a receiving theatre which means that most of the time, we don't have creative or technical control over a performance and everything that we know about an upcoming production is passed on to us by the theatre company. We will tell you as much information about the themes and the known potential triggers that are in any production as early as possible.

Below are all the known triggers at this time. If you have any concerns please call Box Office on 01302 303 959 or email


The Glee Club

  • 14+
  • Contains male nudity
  • Strong language
  • References to homophobic violence
  • Mention of abortion


Vampires Rock- Ghost Train 

  • Frequent use of strong language


Anything for Love – The Meat Loaf Story

  • Frequent use of strong language



  • Occasional use of moderate language (Used twice)
  • References of sexual abuse & rape (Not shown)
  • References to suicide 



  • The Piece Sama includes haze, loud noises and slow flashing lights
  • The Piece Sin features suggested violence. 



  • Presence of strong language throughout
  • Verbal descriptions of extremely violent events, such as hangings, beheadings and gunfights.


The Political History of Smack and Crack

  • Features dangerous behaviour which children might be likely to copy
  • Scenes or references to drugs and drug use
  • Moderate bad language
  • Infrequent sexual references
  • Use of flashing lights and strobe lighting


Whistle Stop Opera: The Marriage of Figaro

  • Use of moderate bad language


Lou Lou La Duchess Derriere

  • 18+
  • Violence or sexual abuse may be briefly mentioned 



  • Includes strong language
  • Includes scenes of threat, violence and horror


W*nk Buddies

  • Strong Language
  • Sexual references
  • Contains flashing lights and loud music
  • Performers go down to their boxers

Riot Act

  • 16+
  • Adult Themes


  • Strong language, adult content.
  • Contains complex themes of murder, assault and abuses of power, graphic visual representations of blood, sexual references, and graphic descriptions of violence and autopsy.