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TEDx Doncaster - Positive Disruptor

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Sun 24 October


TEDx Doncaster ‘Positive Disruptor -   12 Phenomenal Speakers with 12 Ideas worth Spreading’ 

TEDx Doncaster offers a platform to access knowledge and shared learning, projecting forward the best in innovation and advancements Doncaster has to offer for all.

The Theme for October 24th 2021 is " Positive Disruptor" You will hear from thinkers, innovators, doers, and pioneers who are positively disrupting the status quo and changing the world for the better through their work.

TEDx Doncaster will share 12 fantastic ideas that will be presented by a diverse group of speakers aiming to challenge and disrupt your thinking.


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Bea Wood- Doncaster Pride Transgender Lead

Starting early life very confused and lost, Bea came out as transgender in 2014. This went on to Bea winning Miss transgender UK in 2017. Following this, Bea developed adult onset Tourette’s to add to the already diagnosed ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Despite all these neurological disorders Bea thrives working in a peer led crisis team and being a proud member of the Doncaster pride team. Instead of seeing these differences as barriers, Bea uses them as creative differences to help her thrive and succeed in life.


Chelle Verite- Empowerment Coach

Chelle’s ‘Say it like it is. You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing, straight-talking, Let's Get BOMBCHELLED!’ Motivational Life Toolkit has enabled thousands of people worldwide, to catapult their lives into positive action. Her career in Corporate Psychology kickstarted 22 years ago, after graduating in Communications and BSc hons in Psychology, supporting Olympic Athletes and working in Management Development. She now spends her time assisting teaching and management teams with companies that include Channel 4, Doncaster’s Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust, Home Instead, and the Royal College of Art to name a few. Chelle prides herself on being able to wake up, shake up and positively disrupt people’s thinking by using her values of integrity and passion, coupled with her personal life stories. In these stories she speaks of facing adversity, overcoming the crippling fear of rejection and how we all can truly make a positive difference and LiveLifeBE.

Dave Houchin- Business Psychologist & Consultant

Dave is a consultant and business psychologist with particular interest in leadership, organisational development and culture. His background is in policing where he recently retired as a superintendent, having led teams of up to 500. In his last few years, he worked at the College of Policing where he developed and delivered the national Senior Leadership Development Programme with focus on modernising practices in light of contemporary public sector challenges. He has also worked internationally and trained the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria. Dave believes in stretching and challenging himself in many different ways and is a qualified stage hypnotist, physically built his own house and even achieved a Guinness World record. He firmly believes that sustainable improvement is best achieved by leaders who are prepared to be introspective, are truly self-aware and consistently role model the right cultural values.

Dr Anjali Raj- Westwood- University Lecturer & Entrepreneur

One person, Many roles. Anjali is a lecturer, a researcher, an entrepreneur and more. Anjali is a Fellow of HEA Academy and currently teaches healthcare management and entrepreneurship at York St John London campus. Anjali is keen on developing enterprise skills across all ages, but especially the young people. Anjali has a PhD in Health Sciences from Warwick Medical School. Mother and baby health is her passion- both in research and in professional practice. Anjali has worked in-person and digitally, with couples in India for 6 years. Anjali start-up aims to improve mother and baby health outcomes through education, empowerment and support. Anjali believes that empowering couples to make informed choices can have a significant impact on birth experiences and outcomes.

Hannah Boneham- PhD Researcher

Known for her enthusiasm and energy, Hannah Boneham has enjoyed a successful career in change management; leading diverse teams to successfully deliver complex, rapid and positive organisational change. However, like many of us, Hannah has experienced stress and anxiety in the past because of unhealthy working environments. Hannah believes passionately in creating workplaces that promote wellbeing and uses her leadership roles to explore and promote this agenda. She loves to work with people to understand their goals and aspirations and how she can achieve success for her organisation, while empowering her teammates to reach their potential and enjoy their jobs. Having embarked on a PhD in Work Psychology with the University of Sheffield, Hannah’s research into leadership and wellbeing aims to change how we think about our relationship with our bosses, their role in supporting us to thrive in our jobs and what steps we, as individuals, can take to be happier at work.

Lior Locher- Coach, Consultant, “baggage handler”

Lior’s coaching and consulting work supports individuals and leaders in times of messy change. The work is firmly grounded in values and practical contribution. This is key for the passionate explorers Lior enjoys working with, people who want to make a positive difference in the real world through their business. Lior’s eclectic way of working transcends boundaries and questions established orthodoxies. They have been called a “lyrical pragmatist”. Lior started life as Christine, identifies as nonbinary, is a Fellow of the RSA and the Learning and Performance Institute, has published a few books and has a few useful degrees and certifications like psychology, intercultural studies, systems thinking and change, conflict resolution, coaching and psychotherapy. Lior coaches, consults, speaks and writes, sometimes they make poetry and art. Having lived in 6 countries on 4 continents, home is in the UK now.

Luke Staton- Former Professional Footballer

Luke started life as a professional football player, working for some of the sport’s most influential names in Kenny Dalglish, Roy Hodgson and Sam Allardyce. This is where his passion started in how to get the best from others. Luke now dedicates his life to inspiring others to achieve greatness. His passion is firmly in helping people go from where they are now, to where they want to be. Working with organisations such as Ping Europe, EDF Energy, Tarmac, MacMillan Cancer Support, Travelex, Gazprom, as well as professional athletes, teams and Football Academies including Chelsea, Blackburn, Bolton, Millwall and Luton. Luke focuses on motivating and inspiring people to find their personal identity and purpose. Luke has now worked with over 60,000 young people since 2015.

Nikki Alderson- Specialist Coach, Speaker, Author, and former Criminal Barrister

Nikki is a Specialist Coach, Speaker and Author supporting organisations to retain female talent and empowering female professionals to achieve career ambition. Nikki specialises in three areas; Women’s Leadership Transition and Change; Enhanced Career break returner support; and Workplace resilience, confidence and wellness. Nikki has 19 years’ experience as a Criminal Barrister and is author of bestselling book, Raising the Bar: Empowering female lawyers through coaching. Although Nikki’s work focuses predominantly on one to one coaching within the workplace, she also delivers motivational keynote speeches and bespoke seminars, workshops and webinars on a variety of topics, including Career Progression, Resilience/ Mindset and Wellbeing.

Noreen Nasim- Author & Lecturer

Noreen is an established lecturer at Doncaster College & University centre and she is also a debut novelist. She has spent many years in the Digital Arts and Communication industries and has led a successful ongoing career for over a decade in the education sector. Noreen became an author earlier this year when she released her father’s memoir, Expelled from Uganda; a narrative fiction account of his displacement during the 1972 Ugandan Asian Expulsion, ordered by dictator Idi Amin. Noreen is working hard with members of the South Asian diaspora to highlight some of the lost stories within the communities affected. She is striving towards breaking down cultural barriers and prejudice against and within South Asian cultures, and is working hard to inspire a new generation of storytellers.

Stephanie Hill- Contemporary Polymath

Stephanie Hill is a contemporary polymath – a scientist, a classical crossover vocalist, an equestrian, a multi-disciplinary dancer, an artist amongst many other pursuits. She was oblivious that her chosen path of variety had a name, and she was first made aware of her lifestyle after being invited to sit on a panel of fellow polymaths for the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci at The British Library in 2018. Stephanie made history in 2017 as the highest placing candidate representing England in the Miss World competition. A passionate advocate for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Stephanie enjoys debunking the stereotypes often associated with those who pursue careers in this field, and campaigns for unconventional routes into this elusive industry creating ‘stEMPOWER' an initiative focused on providing resources to women who want to pursue a career in STEM.

Stuti Singh- Transformational Speaker, Coach & Consultant

Stuti holds an Honours degree in Psychology, an MBA in International Business, and is also trained in Intuitive Mastery. Over the past 20 years, she has held various leadership positions at several blue-chip organisations, managing diverse teams, working with C-level stakeholders and consulting on various global and regional projects at blue-chip companies such as Pfizer, Unilever and GSK. In 2017 she founded her transformational people development programme, ‘A Life Without Fear’ and since then has coached leaders and teams, as well as delivering her signature talks, workshops and training courses around the world. Her mission is to help people and organisations realise their power for the greater good of the planet by helping them go beyond the fears, barriers and perceptions that limit them from achieving their dreams.

Victoria Gill- Entrepreneur and Female Empowerment Coach

Victoria is multi-national titled UK fitness champion, public speaker, published writer and model, former dancer, national champion stunt cheerleader, champion in athletics, yoga teacher, personal trainer, mindfulness and meditation teacher, former yoga studio owner, female health practitioner and successfully eclectic entrepreneur. Victoria is currently CEO of three unique businesses including a lingerie brand Black Sapphire, an online health and wellbeing coaching service called Soul Symphony and a children’s and young people's mindfulness and meditation teaching service called Be More Mindful. With a degree in psychology and masters degree in international business and retail, Victoria has based her career around celebrating and encouraging women to realise their brilliance. Victoria is passionately curious about our existence as both an observer and as a player in the extraordinary game of life.

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