Scriptworks: For Experienced Writers - Autumn/Winter 2022

Scriptworks: For Experienced Writers - Autumn/Winter 2022

Meeting Space

Thu 08 Sep 2022 - Tue 17 Jan 2023


Scriptworks is Doncaster's writing group and welcomes anyone with a love of storytelling.

In a friendly and supportive environment, local budding writers can develop their work and be supported by professional writers. This term, we're writing monologues from the perspective of characters from history - from Hercules to Joan of Arc.


Session Dates

Tuesday 15 November 22 (Zoom)
Thursday 8 December 22 (Session with actors - in person at Cast)
Tuesday 17 January 23 (Zoom)
Get 10% off when you book all 5 sessions.
2 February (in person)

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