Reasons You Should(n't) Love Me 

Reasons You Should(n't) Love Me 

Cast Second Space (unallocated)

Between £10.50 - £14.50

Tue 11 October


"For a long time I didn’t know how it’d work.   
Or what I’d be able to feel. 
People would ask me if I could have sex and I’d feign shock and act wildly offended whilst secretly wanting to grab them by the shoulders and be like “I don’t know, Janet!”" 


Juno was born with spina bifida and is now clumsily navigating her twenties amidst street healers, love, loneliness – and the feeling of being an unfinished project. 

Winner of the Women’s Prize for Playwriting 2020, Amy Trigg’s remarkable debut play REASONS YOU SHOULD(N’T) LOVE ME is a hilarious, heart-warming tale about how sh*t our wonderful lives can be. 


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