Wed 18 Jan

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Cardboard Citizens

Written by Ali Taylor
Directed by Adrian Jackson


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Settled Š. Until suddenly you're notŠ

Forced out of London by spiralling living costs, Cathy finds herself in an unfamiliar town with no friends and no money; pushed to make choices she doesn’t want to make…

Candid, poignant and intimate, this new play by award winning playwright Ali Taylor offers a timely reflection on the social and personal impact of spiralling housing costs, gentrification and the challenges of the forced relocation away from London.

Acclaimed Theatre Company Cardboard Citizens presents this powerful and emotive Forum Theatre show, exploring resonances in today's society with the story told in the ground-breaking Ken Loach film, Cathy Come Home, 50 years ago.

Forum Theatre is an interactive style of theatre which empowers the audience to change the outcome – every show is a unique experience. After watching the play, you’ll have the chance to voice your opinion and offer ideas which might change the course of the characters’ lives. Or, if you choose, just sit back and watch as the story is rewritten live in front of your eyes.

Ali Taylor's previous credits include plays Cotton Wool and OVERSPILL (both Critics Choice).  He is currently adapting his sell out show Fault Lines for TV.


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  • Wed 18 Jan 7:45pm Sold Out


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This performance will be livestreamed from Cast. Expand to see more or visit for more information and YouTube feed. 


The show will also be live captioned by Stagetext - just click the Close Captioning option ('CC' button) on the YouTube video to make the captions appear.


  1. Link a laptop up to a projector if you have one.
  2. Alternatively, link your laptop to the TV via a HDMI cable.
  3. Or gather a group around your PC or tablet.

Your group can then get involved and participate in the forum theatre piece via Twitter (using the hashtag #CathyLive) and through a chat room.

During the second half of the show you will also be able to participate in the Forum in the comment box on Cardboard Citizens site here.

Please note that this show is suitable for people aged 14+.


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