Main Space

Tue 21 February - Wed 22 February

2.30PM - 7.30PM

By William Shakespeare
Retold by imitating the dog


It will have blood, they say

Three mysterious figures enter the stage. They talk of the hurly-burly, of thunder and lightning, and of a young couple who believe they can overthrow the old regime. They conjure the Macbeths, placing them in a dangerous new world where paranoia, betrayal and brutality rule. 


Blood will have blood

Fusing live action with innovative video technology, imitating the dog bring their "breathtakingly inventive" (The Times) style of storytelling to Shakespeare’s tragic tale of ambition, destiny and downfall.

An audacious and daring retelling made for the audiences of today, Macbeth is a neon noir thriller where Shakespeare’s original language collides with startling new scenes, stunning visuals, and a powder-keg intensity.


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Age recommendation 14+


  •  Flashing imagery and lighting effects
  • Loud noises, including recorded gunshot
  • Scenes featuring moments, descriptions and images of violence
  • Simulated smoking

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