How To Be A Better Human

How To Be A Better Human

How To Be A Better Human

Cast Second Space (unallocated)

Between £9.00 - £12.00

Thu 12 May


In 2019...I lost my Dad. 

Well, I didn't lose him. I knew exactly where he was –  

in the coffin at the front of the crem. 


How to Be a Better Human is a spoken word comedy about grief, loss and self-acceptance. It tells Chris' story of losing two of the biggest relationships in his life - Dad and Wife - in the space of a few months. It finds the lightness and humour in death, loss and divorce, exploring how they help us become better at empathising, connecting and understanding. How we can lose everything and still find the strength to rebuild. How growing a beard can be the best decision of your life, and why some hedgehogs are absolute d*******s. 


Performed by Chris Singleton and directed by Tom Wright, How to Be A Better Human uses powerpoint comedy, poetry, autobiographical storytelling, original music by Reece Jacob and animation by Huckleberry Films to open accessible conversations about grief, loss and mental health.  


“A true artistic vulnerability that absolutely chimed with our audience.” - Rio Matchett, Leeds Playhouse 


"A superb and slick debut. A son's touching eulogy to his dad. A man bettering himself in the face of adversity. A surprisingly hilarious top night out."  - Porl Cooper, Harrogate Theatres 


“There are autobiographical shows that ask 'why me?', and shows that ask 'what can we learn from this?' It is clear which one this is.”  - Richard Warburton, Artistic Director of Theatre in the Mill 


“It's the humanity of Chris' writing that compels you: candid, unafraid, harrowing, startling and compassionate in all the best ways, pulled together with a clarity of vision and beauty of language that simply will not let you go.”  - Dawn Bauling, Indigo Dreams 


“You make grief accessible to the masses.” - Audience member 


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