Emily Rising

Emily Rising
Emily discovers a world that looks completely different. She's not scared at all, it's fun being high up. But she's not coming down...

After a confusing dream where Emily tries to rescue 2 people trapped under some ice, ten-year-old Emily Connor wakes to discover that her feet don’t touch the ground.

Her mum takes her to the doctor but he can do nothing and she’s still rising. She goes to school and when her teacher asks her to come to the front to read out her work she can’t because she’s getting higher and higher! At the ice rink she’s able to lift her brother above the ice as they glide around.

By the next morning Emily is floating way above the ground and her mum decides that she can’t go to school. They make a bed on her ceiling, then they tether her to a rope in the garden and her brother makes a phone out of a baked bean can and entertains her with fireworks.


But despite the Coastguard, the neighbours, social services, and all the best wishes in the world, Emily is still rising until finally she floats above the earth into space.


Autism? Aspergers? Sensory differences?

This take a look through this Visual Story, to help prepare you for a new experience and become familiar with the show, surroundings and situations.

Click here to download Emily Rising Visual Story


Emily Rising


Ages 4+

Co-produced by Little Angel Theatre and Goblin Theatre

Tags: November, Family,


Second Space


16 November
11am & 1.30pm


£8 (£4 child and under 26)

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