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We're not going to let something like a pandemic stop us from bringing some of the best local talent to you! We still can't bring our Scratch Nights back in person, so - we've gone digital.

We'll be uploading to this page once a week with some cracking, creative content. There'll be loads of different stuff going on and we can't wait to share them with you!

Don't worry if you can't regularly check this page, because we'll also be sharing everything we upload across our social media platforms.


This is Foreign - Lucy Haighton

Lucy Haighton is an independent dance artist, performance maker and choreographer based in Sheffield. Her work spans live theatre performance, dance for film and site specific. Through performances and community arts projects, Lucy’s dance practice focuses on bringing people and communities together and is multifaceted, person-centered, intergenerational and inclusive.
This Is Foreign explores how two people navigate the ongoing exchange of different cultures and languages within a relationship. It will explore themes of translation, language barriers and will examine foreignness and what defines something or someone as foreign and what doesn’t. For this work Lucy is collaborating with her partner Rufino. Born in the same hospital but raised 5,000 miles apart the idea for this project emerges from an ongoing negotiation of Lucy and Rufino's own heritage and language versus the rolling and evolving negotiation of each others. It examines the power imbalances that occur in the relationship depending on what language and culture they are communicating in.


Melanie Hopkins - Yorkshire Dates 

Described as a “one woman army”, Melanie is a Sheffield born and based professional actress, playwright and theatre maker.

Graduating with a First Class Honours from the BA Performance for Stage and Screen Course in 2019, she has gone from strength to strength and continued to stay creative, crafting her own original work with her signature Melanie style.


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Sheepish Productions - The Last Motel

Sheepish Productions is a theatre company from Doncaster started in 2012. They write and produce thought-provoking theatre, normally on the darker side of life. The actors below are Helen Percival and Jeremy Drakes. 

The Last Motel explores competing perspectives on the environment and the human condition.

Abalone's a desperate man, he's taken a day off from the chicken factory to commit armed robbery and now there's a woman stuffed into the boot of his classic car. Will this chance encounter alter his perspective on life?


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Morven Robinson - Being Me

Morven Robinson is a northern actor and writer based in Rotherham. Alongside working as a teaching assistant, Morven started writing three years ago after graduating with a degree in acting. She has loved creating and performing her own work and hopes you enjoy this piece.

'I want to explore how I, myself came to find my own identity and start the journey of self love. Although I am not fully there yet, I am definitely on the way and hope my work will inspire others. Sam’s story happens the night before she returns to school after the half term break. Excited and eager to tell her followers (all 6 of them) how she came to find her true identity, she makes an unexpected and beautiful revelation. I have always wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone by doing a one woman show.'


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Claire Dean - Back to Bases

Claire is a South Yorkshire actor, writer and director. Switching to recorded media in 2020, she has enjoyed creating comedy sketches of her own (available on YouTube), often visual gags with a dry sense of humour and a (sometimes) dark undertone.

A presenter from South Yorkshire takes us on a journey back to her childhood town, with a detailed and enthusiastic description of key buildings from her formative years. Upon arrival at each of the buildings discussed, she finds that they are not as she remembers... Will it rock her own foundation?


Lizzie Robin - Breathe

Lizzie Robin is an actor/musician with Crohn’s disease from Doncaster, who's previously had the pleasure of being in a couple of Cast’s pantomimes (we promise we didn't pay her to say that). She trained at Central and has spent most of this crazy time in lockdown playing the saxophone to try to drown it out!

Her piece below, Breathe, explores what it's like to be classed as highly vulnerable during a pandemic. 

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Rachel Horne - Dear Lounge Wear 

Dear Lounge Wear is a lowfi film poem about UK life in lockdown.

It's about grieving what we have lost; the physical spaces and human connections.

'I often gravitate to writing poems when I am experiencing complex emotions and struggle to articulate them. Writing helps me to externalise these feels; my work is therefore auto-biographical, touching on intense micro and macro feelings.

Over 2020 our studio at Doncopolitan in Doncaster town centre and my arts and crafts table at St John's Hospice closed due to the pandemic. At the same time as losing both spaces, I started my Masters in Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths University, London, online. This has been a massive life time achievement for me; I've been aspiring to study in the field for the last ten years of my life. So far, I've studied the entire course online as a rectangle on a screen.'

The visuals have been created by Art Psychotherapy student Rach Green, who lives in Colchester.

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