Digital Scratch Night

We're not going to let something like a pandemic stop us from bringing some of the best local talent to you! We still can't bring our Scratch Nights back in person, so - we've gone digital.

We'll be uploading to this page once a week with some cracking, creative content. There'll be loads of different stuff going on, from photography to music to comedy. 

Don't worry if you can't regularly check this page, because we'll also be sharing everything we upload across our social media platforms.


Donny Lad

Donny Lad is Doncaster's own Drag King, who burst on to the scene in 2018. He has performed at many venues across the North and after only four months of doing drag, was crowned winner of his first drag battle.

'I performed this number during my first gig at Doncasters fluidity night. However, this video is a different take on it. Doing the song for a digital performance is challenging because there's no audience to feed off; I hope it has allowed me to show more emotion and Donny's softer side.'


Bipolar Abdul

Doncaster-based Drag Artist, Member of Zehaus and Co-founder of FLUID/ITY Doncaster, Doncaster's LGBT+ Night.

'I chose this concept as I would never choose to do something like this live. I wanted to push the gender blur so I decided to emulate Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix's Queer Eye. I admire JVN so much for how authentic they are. You can see on the show that some people have never met a non binary person before, and are often spellbound by their entire persona. They aren't just a celebrity, there's activism and a fight for queer causes. I wish I had been able to watch JVN on TV when I was young and confused. I settled on this song as it's a real juxtaposition to the way Jonathan presents themselves, yet a lot of the lyrics are significant to gender, and satire of capitalist and materialistic culture of the modern world.'

Content Warning: Strong language  


Kurt Lindley

Kurt Lindley’s creative contributions to our Digital Scratch Night are heartfelt spoken word pieces exploring his personal experience of grief, loss & survival. We’ve released them today on Kurt's wife's birthday to celebrate their life together.

Content warning: Themes of grief & bereavement.

I held her whilst she took her last breath

I'm Living in Guilt

The Fear of Falling in Love

Success is Getting Dressed


Lizzie Robin & Seán Crawford

Lizzie was born and bred in Doncaster and has had the immense pleasure of performing in Cast theatre’s Christmas Pantomime twice (Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk). She studied at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and last year toured around the country with the Mikron Theatre Company, using music and multi-rolling to bring theatre anywhere for anyone. She’s usually found with a saxophone nearby.

Seán has spent the last 3 years in the UK after moving over from his native Dublin to perform in Sam Mendes’ “The Ferryman”. He has fallen in love with Yorkshire, although does miss a decent pint of Guinness. During lockdown, he has enjoyed having more time to write scenes/sketches/plays.

'‘Hang Shall I’ is a dark comedy where a woman stumbles across a man who has a noose around his neck. It explores human decency - or lack of – and honesty, existentialism and the challenges of life, consciousness and choices.'

Download the script here.


Kylie Noble

Kylie Noble is a freelance journalist and writer, from Ireland, living in Doncaster. In recent years, she has started to take her poetry more seriously but has never had her poetry published or shared in any form - until now!

'I have been poor a lot and have signed onto benefits a lot. I've worked in numerous jobs, including as a bar maid in an Irish pub in London and as a care worker in a dementia home in Surrey. I quit writing for over a year, as the stress of working to survive, and trying to write on the side, was too much. I identify as queer and have several disabilities. I believe the intersections of class, gender, sexuality and disability mean I have faced multiple barriers in society, and in the journalism and writing worlds. I also believe these life experiences mean I have a lot of valuable insights to share, via my writing.'




Samantha Priestley

Samantha is a full time writer from a working class background. She won the H E Bates competition and The Tacchi-Morris Prize for short stories. She was commissioned to write her first non fiction history book for Pen and Sword books, which will be published this month. The Devil is in the Timing, her first play, was performed at The Bread and Roses Theatre in April this year by Primal Theatre. She's currently writing her first game script for Fablelabs. 

 'The Easel Life is a comedy/drama set at a life drawing class in northern England. A bunch of artists draw the human figure with a view to entering their work into the end of year exhibition. Each episode will focus in on a particular member of the group. 

 In 'Making Marks', episode one,  Kate wants to model at the group to help her self esteem after years of self harm, but she still feels she needs the approval of her dad, and Tristan, one of the artists she has a complicated relationship with. She goes for it, but Tristan isn't happy.'

Download and read an extract of the script for Marking Marks here.


Miss Naomi Carter 

Doncaster-based Drag Artists, Members of Zehaus and Co-founders of FLUID/ITY Doncaster, Doncaster's LGBT+ Night.

'I wanted to explore gender; I wanted to show that there is more to drag than just a man dressing up as a woman. There are many different elements that make up drag, and I wanted to show that in the video I have created by using my editing and makeup skills to differentiate the Beyoncé and Jay-Z parts.' - Naomi

Content Warning: Strong language  


Yonatan Butt

Originally from Leeds, Yonatan has been living in Doncaster for nearly 5 years now. Since their teens, they have played clarinet and saxophone in various bands in many different styles such as jazz, classical, Cuban and folk, as well as creating electronic music. However, they most enjoy combining instrumental and electronic music to create something new.

'For this performance, I start with a blank canvas and gradually add the sections (or building blocks!) together. All the electronic elements have been created from scratch by myself and they can be seen moving on-screen during the piece. The instrument I am playing is a bass clarinet, which has a deep, rich sound. Everything that is heard in this piece is captured from the microphone during the performance, with nothing recorded beforehand. I’ve done some live electronic music performances before but nothing where it’s been entirely virtual. It’s been a fun learning curve and I hope you enjoy!'


Christopher Blackmore

Christopher is an actor, writer, and theatre-maker who works primarily in immersive/playable theatre, new writing, experience design, and story-telling. Having moved from London to Doncaster, he is hoping to create new works for local theatres and neighboring regions.

'The Laze is a short horror story that has been adapted into an audio story form. It’s about laziness and I would definitely not recommend eating whilst listening to it. I think it's best experienced lying on a sofa. My inspiration for the piece comes from the works of Japanese horror mangaka Junji Ito.'

Content warning: graphic descriptions of gore

Watch the Youtube video below with Captions (settings - English auto-generated) or listen to the audio file here.



Lockdown Life & Times: Al Heighton

Al Heighton is a Doncaster based illustrator, who has previously completed commercial projects completed for The Guardian, Bolton College, The TUC, Financial Times, Big Issue in the North, Hird Rail, and lots more.

' At the start of the year I was a bit ignorant to Coronavirus. But then it took hold in the UK and became more and more serious. I remember a few blokes confiding in me about their exploits shopping for toilet roll and feeling scared because of scenes that happened in shops and supermarkets with panic buying. I remember thinking about those two men, scared about shopping for toilet roll and walking across town to their homes with toilet roll. Quite naturally I seemed to draw how Coronavirus took hold of us and visually explore lockdown.'

Erica Latham: The Adventures of Lego Giraffe Man

Erica started a photography course during lockdown, having lost her job. Photography helps her still see the good around her - and she's having fun learning!

'When the whole world has gone mad and there's not much to smile about we have to find the little things to give us pleasure. I have always believed the phrase "If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours", well here is my smile for the world. I hope it brings everyone some joy in these dark times.'

Follow Erica's Adventures of Lego Giraffe Man over on Flickr, here.

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