Three Little Pigs

Sat 29 Mar #NBThreeLittlePigs

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Three Little Pigs
Northern Ballet


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Three little pigs set out into the world. The first pig decides to build a house of straw, the second a house made of sticks and the third pig chooses to build a house of bricks. Then along comes a very hungry wolf. 

The wolf begs each little pig to invite him in for dinner. When they refuse he threatens to huff and puff and blow their houses down. Will any of the pigs be smart enough to escape the big bad wolf?

From Northern Ballet, the timeless fairytale is the perfect opportunity to introduce your little ones to the magic of live ballet, music and theatre.

Ages 2 – 6

30 minutes 


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£5.50 * includes booking fee

  • Sat 29 Mar Sold Out
  • Sat 29 Mar Sold Out


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"It was really good! The pigs were really funny and we liked it when they wriggled their bottoms"
Evie and Annabelle, ages 4 and 5


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