Can You See Into a Black Hole?

Can You See Into a Black Hole?

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Thu 31 March

When Tom grows up he wants to be an astronaut or the blue power ranger, they’re kind of the same thing anyway, right? However, when he has his first seizure aged 8 and a black hole opens up inside his head, his entire world is swallowed and he must find an even bigger adventure.

An autobiographical show, the real Tom doesn’t remember any of his seizures because he’s normally unconscious, so when he turned 23 he decided to interview his parents and try to reconstruct this invisible part of his life which has changed him so much. What he found in those interviews was a black hole at the centre of his family, an hidden story which eventually became this show.  

“Can You See Into a Black Hole?” is an epic adventure exploring the ways in which families learn to adapt in the face of celestial-scale events with an epic electronic score from Christian Czornyj. It’s a story about aspiration, Doncaster and how we might tech young people to find Joy.


This audio production was commissioned by Cast and produced by BAP!, adapting the critically-acclaimed outdoor production in Covent Garden.


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