Beneath the Banner

Beneath the Banner

Cast Second Space (unallocated)

Tue 14 March


Up The Road Theatre are back with a brand new show for 2023.

In 1921, British coal mining employed over one million people. Pits were at the heart of community life. Now, it’s distant memories and stark reminders on the landscape.  


“And another thing I remember is the blue scars. Every miner had blue scars.” 


But Gail needs to know more. She needs to know what her Grandad did in his years underground, and why he never spoke about it. Aubrey could help her, but Aubrey doesn’t want to talk.  


“A typical work hard, play hard scenario – it was a dangerous environment down there.” 


Told partly through the words of former miners and their families, Beneath the Banner shines a light on the unheard, unseen and untold stories from the people of coal mining communities. From pit nurses to pit head baths, Coal Queens to canaries, courage to comedy, these are their stories, in their own words. 

“The Welfare was thriving when I was young… we had everything we needed.” 

In association with the National Coal Mining Museum, Yorkshire, and funded by Arts Council England. 


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