Becoming Radically Happy

Becoming Radically Happy

Becoming Radically Happy

Second Space

£8 (£4 Under 26 and Low Income)

Wed 06 October


Based on the book Radically Happy (Phakchok, Solomon 2018), this talk offers a rare meeting between ancient wisdom and the modern world. Translated into several languages, Radically Happy has been taught all around the world, and this month it comes to Cast, Doncaster.

In essence, ‘Radically Happy’ presents ‘a user’s guide to the mind’. It invites us to question our dearly held habits. Do we really know what happiness is and how to achieve it? Or are we simply repeating an old formula that never reaches the elusive goal? Are we missing something? Erric engages us in a personal journey offering thought experiments, contemplations and meditation exercises to help us rethink our destination.

In Erric’s words – This is a real path to happiness – happiness is a beautiful and a many splendored thing. Not everyone wants to be a Buddhist but everyone wants to flourish and enjoy what life has to offer. We all want to cope and not lose our sh**t when things don’t work out. This is the heart of what Radical Happiness really is. It’s a subtle sense of well being we can always access, especially when things are not so great- as in when they really suck! 

Erric’s background is unusual. Coming from an engineering background and working in Silicon Valley, to undertaking a three year buddhist retreat, and then offering meditation teachings to people of all backgrounds, including people undertaking prison sentences. All these experiences have shaped Radically Happy, bringing together stories that we can relate to, wisdom that is accessible and which can be applied in a straightforward way. 

In a time of much needed change, we hope this talk will bring new insights and practical ways to reorientate our personal compass.


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