A Manhood Project: Big Strong Man

A Manhood Project: Big Strong Man

A Manhood Project: Big Strong Man

Doncaster Market Place


Thu 30 September


“What is it like to be a man in the north of England in the 21’st century?”- let’s find out!

Join us for a night of song, dance, physical theatre and stories about masculinity and manhood - the highs, lows and everything in-between. This sharing is a presentation of these themes that The Growth House has been exploring since 2018 with groups and men from across Doncaster. The performance flows in and out of abstract storytelling styles and modern audience participation (but don’t worry, we won’t get you to eat an onion or reveal your darkest secrets!).

The suicide rate amongst men under 50 has been growing exponentially since the turn of the century and we wanted to explore what the causes and consequences of such a dramatic rise in men taking their lives through a creative scope. Mental health, modern standards of male beauty, the societal role of men historically, power imbalances in government, economy and religion, and the evolution of male sexual identity have been some of the major topics we have researched in preparation for this project.

So you know, just a regular, light hearted Thursday night! Come on down to Roundabout as we ask some questions, laugh, dance, sing, celebrate and interrogate all things masculine!

16+ due to strong language, themes of suicide and domestic violence.


The Growth House

We are a contemporary theatre company based in DoncasterManchester and Newcastle upon Tyne. Our core focus is on socially-conscious art, with the purpose of uplifting and empowering our audiences. We create personal, passionate and experimental live events that are part protest, part party and all theatre. A Growth House show is intimate, emotional and, for us, sweaty!


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