Taking Part and Covid Safety

We're super excited to welcome your child back to Cast.

Please read carefully the key information relating to your visit with us, including how we are keeping your child and our staff safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01302 303 959 or email hello@castindoncaster.com.



Please either wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser stations on your arrival. Hand sanitiser stations should be clearly available, but just ask if you need help locating one.


When you arrive, you will be directed towards a registration station, where you will be greeted by a staff member, who will register your child, and confirm pick up points and times. Registration will open 10 minutes before the activity (we kindly ask that you arrive no earlier than the start of registration).


 You will be asked to hand in a completed participant form (you can either bring a completed one with you, which you can download here or fill out a form at Cast).  Only children with completed forms will be allowed to come into Cast and take part in the activity.  If you need any help filling out a form, let us know and we’ll be happy to help. 


Once children are registered, we will take over care of your child, and you are free to leave.


Unfortunately, at this time, Cast Front of House areas and café are not open, although you and your family are welcome to use the downstairs toilets when you drop children off.


We are operating a one-way system in the building, so you will be directed towards an exit, once your child has registered.


During the sessions


Please Wear:

·         Loose comfy clothing that you can move about easily in. please wear Trainers/flats

Food and Drink

 If you wish to send your child with a snack and drink, please feel free, but we request you avoid fizzy and soft drinks.


·         Workshops sessions are staffed by experienced artists, assistants, and chaperones who have Enhanced DBS checks, trained in Safeguarding for children and young people and have been received both Safeguarding and Covid-Secure inductions.

·         Our Duty Managers all have First Aid training, and Enhanced DBS checks.

·         All staff will have been issued and read risk assessments relevant to their activity and deliver activity in line with Cast’s Standard Operating procedures.














At the end of the session, your child will be brought to the doors of Cast (we will point out where), for you to collect.


Children will be returned to adults who have the password given on the participant form.  If a child is being collected by an adult who does not know the password, we will phone the emergency contact number and confirm collection.


Cast is a Covid Secure Venue

Our Health and Safety Teams have been working hard to ensure that all of Cast’s activities are safe and secure for our participants. For more information visit here or contact our box office on 01302 303 959 or email hello@castindoncaster.com.  


There are hand sanitiser stations located throughout Cast, including the workshop spaces.  Participants will be encouraged to clean hands on entering and exiting the workshop space and will be welcome to do so during the sessions if they wish.


Some Front of House staff will be wearing masks, but workshop participants are not required to. The workshop leaders will have masks and gloves but will only wear these if they need to come close to a child.


The workshop spaces are being marked out with 2m grids to aid social distances, contact games (such as tig) will be avoided and the sessions will not include singing.  If art materials are used during the sessions, these will be assigned to individual children, and then not used again for 72 hours.


Workshop, Front of House areas, toilets and the Main Space will be cleaned throughout the day, with hot spot areas receiving hourly cleaning, and workshop areas being cleaned between sessions.  


What to do if…

You’re running late…

First of all please don’t worry – we know things don’t always go to plan.  The doors may be locked, but if you can get the attention of a member of staff, they will register your child and take them up, if not, call 01302 303 959 and a member of staff will be alerted to come and collect your child.

You can’t make a session

Now more than ever, things happen that means your plans need to change, and we totally understand. However, there are so few places on this programme, that it’s really important that you cancel your place if you can’t make it.  To do that, please contact our Box Office on 01302 303 959 or email hello@castindoncaster.com  

Your child show signs of Covid-19 symptoms, before or after a session.

Firstly, we’re really sorry to hear your child is unwell, but any child that is showing signs of Covid-19 (fever/cough/cold) is not permitted to enter Cast or take part in our activity over the summer.  This includes if they have shown symptoms up to 14 days before the sessions, inline with government guidelines.

If your child shows signs within two weeks after the session, please let us know.

We will follow up any reports of illness, by contacting participants involved in the same session, using the contact details on the participant form.

You want to share your experience

We love to get feedback on your experiences: what worked, what didn’t, what we could do better, any drawings you might have done or poems you’ve written inspired by your visit, what we did well!  If you have anything to share, then please email your comments to participation@castindoncaster.com