Kids Activities

Check out the different ideas and resources from us and our partners that will keep you and your little ones (and not so little ones) entertained during lockdown!

While we're all spending a bit more time at home, we've collected a few fun activities for drama loving theatre buffs aged 12 to 18 from our creative and cultural partners.


We've also put together some handy worksheets that you can download here:


Wishing Stars Worksheet

Magical Journeys Worksheet and accompanying audio recording

Creating Monologues Worksheet

Book Cover Stories Worksheet

Bags of Creativity Postcards for ages 2-6

Bags of Creativity Postcards for ages 7-11

Bags of Creativity Postcards for ages 12-16


Pass the Story and Story Starters by Handprint Theatre

Who likes telling stories? We do! Join our mischievous storytellers as they create a story quite out of the ordinary, taking our audiences on twists and turns until... well, we don't know what happens in the end, that is up to you!  Storytelling for both deaf and hearing families as we ignite our imaginations to remind us all - you can find a story anywhere! If you would like to share your stories, send them to

Click here to download the activity sheet


Lunar New Year Activities and World Stories 


The Old Man vs The Monster


Written by Naomi Sumner Chan and Performed by Charlotte Chiew 
Every New Years Eve a village in China is attacked by a terrible monster who lives in the sea. The villagers are beside themselves in terror, until one day an old man arrives and says he knows how to get rid of the monster once and for all!! 
This brand-new retelling of The Legend of Nian, a traditional Chinese folk tale explaining the customs associated with Spring Festival/Chinese New Year. 

Download the Script and accompanying activities here


Have a go at making beautiful Rangoli patterns!

Rangoli, an Indian artform, creates beautiful patterns, use our worksheets to discover how you can create this too.

Download the worksheet here

Follow along and learn to make a Chinese dragon puppet and Chinese Lantern.

Download the step by step instructions here

Download the step by step instructions here


How to make a flying book!


Download the templates here

Download the step by step instructions here


Learn how to: Bollywood and Bhangra Dance


Mini Music Makers 

Our weekly Mini Music Makers Classes have gone online! Click here to take part. 



Story Makers at Home

Enjoy two lovely stories read by our Youth Theatre team. Click here to enjoy.


Our friends at Doncaster Community Arts have been busy creating great painting and drawing and making activities for you to do at home. Click here to take part


Early Arts

This is an excellent post that Includes links to a wealth of free activities such as sofa singing, virtual museum tours and audible stories. Click here to have a look.


Little Angel Theatre

Little Angel may brought their magical puppet theatre online, including the wonderful home activities and stories online like I want my hat back. Click here to get creative at home.