Greek Myths Unplugged!

Why do we still retell Greek myths – what relevance do they have today?
Why are they still important to the modern Western World?

We’re excited to present three of the most loved and enduring Greek myths for free in partnership with Unicorn Theatre Online for School Years 3 – 7.

This series of three new short plays by some of the UK’s most exciting writers have been creatively filmed and edited to bring theatre to life online for children. Directed by the Unicorn Theatre’s Associate Director Rachel Bagshaw, the films reinvent and reimagine the original myths enabling pupils to explore the resonances of Greek Myths to today’s world anew.

The three plays are:

Narcissus adapted by E.V. Crowe
King Midas & His Golden Touch
 adapted by Vanessa Kisuule
Theseus & the Minotaur
 adapted by Alexandra Wood

Greek Myths Unplugged is a perfect accompaniment to KS2 and KS3 lessons on Ancient Greece and will support critical thinking and a continuing discussion in the classroom and beyond. Use the links below to view the videos.