Cast Youth Theatre Winter Term Sharing

Our Cast Youth Theatre teams have been working hard putting together their end of term sharing! Normally we'd host this at Cast but this term we've gone digital!

Flood Lights Winter Sharing

 We are Cast! This term Flood Lights decided to focus on the positives...we talked about who we are, who the important people in our lives are, our favourite possessions, hobbies...and then stuck a load of Christmas jumpers on and made an alternative Christmas message! Enjoy!



Spotlights Winter Sharing

A puppet and human talent show... that ends in TRAGEDY!

The Cast Youth Theatre Spotlights groups have worked together over the lockdown period, creating and workshopping ideas via Zoom. They sent videos in, improvised ideas at home, made sock puppets... and so much more! The final product has been edited together by Youth Theatre Leader Annabel.

We hope you enjoy their tragic-drama-comedy!



Bright Lights Winter Sharing

Our brilliant Bright Lights group have also been working on their own sharing, inspired by lockdown, and this incredible piece of music. We've loved working with them on it!



Twinkle Lights Winter Sharing

The Twinkle Lights Winter sharing is a snapshot of the themes and ideas we have been exploring over the last few months both at Cast and in remote sessions. We created pieces focusing on positivity, hope, waking up, colourful imaginery worlds and our wishes for the coming months, using movement, art and creative writing to express our ambitions and desires for next year when things will start to look a bit brighter for us all. The Twinkles' imaginations have run riot as usual creating scenes of rollerskating sharks and endless rainbows, topped off with their own Twinkles rap! - As ever, a joy to be working with them! - Jow Bedford, Twinkle Lights CYT Director.



Little Lights Winter Sharing 

This term Little Lights used an animation by Angie Pickman as inspiration to create a poem. We created a spooky woodland scene full of vicious creatures and scary shadows - then travelled into daylight, greeted by all of the most important people and things in our lives. The children all wrote and recorded their own lines during the second Lockdown and the two weeks afterwards.


And here's the full poem:

The Longest Night Before the Dawn

by Little Lights


The longest night before the dawn

is freezing cold, devoid of warmth


Beneath the eerie light of moon

the daylight cannot come too soon


Then as you pass below the trees

the darkness creepy makes you freeze


beware the beasts within the woods

with pointy teeth they’ll eat you up


beware the snarling wolf that howls

the vicious fox who’s on the prowl


across the meadow, cruel and dark

you start to run before the park


Shadows run across the wall

My legs buckle – I almost fall!


I feel so faint, I feel so weak

I can't go on...I need to sleep...


Then suddenly...morning arrives!

The sun can slowly start to rise


The night draws back, the darkness fades

The animals all run away


Light washes over, the sun is here

a magic spell that destroys fear


As the daylight starts to unravel

I grab my bag and prepare to travel


the sun beams down on the rocky road

I put on my gloves and off I go!


the wolf creeps back, the creatures flee

the sun grows hot, hotter than Greece


This is more exciting than trips to Ibiza

or Canada, Harry Potter World – or eating pizza!


I find the meadow by the woods

is now full of horses and flower buds


Over there! there's a pool by the trees

where we can swim - my friends and me


And as we finally forget the night

our families and pets hold us tight


The fear all gone, the nightmare past

We'll meet again – right here at Cast!