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We at Cast are proud to be early adopters of the Age-Friendly Standards which aims to provide a welcoming and positive experience for everyone, regardless of their age.

The development of the Age-Friendly Standards is a response to reported trends which indicated a significant drop-off in cultural engagement in later life, due to multiple barriers which older people may encounter.

The significant opportunity for arts and culture to play a role in enhancing quality of life for older people is further reflected in Age UK’s 2017 Index of Wellbeing in Later Life[1] which reports ‘Creative and cultural participation’ to be the most prominent indicator to wellbeing in later life, scoring highest amongst a large range of contributing factors.

The Age Friendly Standards address five key areas when welcoming older audiences:

- Building relationships

- Considering suitable programming

- Providing appropriate facilities

- Communicating appropriately

- Providing a warm welcome


The development of the Age-Friendly Standards was supported by Arts Council England.

Further information on the Age-Friendly Standards on

If you need further information or would like to talk to someone about our Age Friendly standards and support, contact Cast's House Manager Andy Scott at


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