We are committed to ensuring this fund is open and accessible to all freelance theatre and performance makers in South Yorkshire and realise some people may find that there are barriers to applying for this grant. If you experience or expect any barrier with making your application and would like support or help in applying, please contact Rosie Clark to discuss this further.

We will hold a zoom Q&A that you can send in questions to. This will be on Wednesday 21 April from 11am-12pm. To book on please email Rosie Clark via with the subject line ‘4X4 Q&A’.

Who can apply?

Professional freelance theatre and performance makers based in South Yorkshire.

You will need a UTR number or a bank account for your theatre company to receive payment if you are successful. If you are just starting out we can help you with this information.

We define professionals as those both those who are looking to make a career from working within theatre and performance as well as those already established in doing so.

What can I apply for?

Each selected artist or company will receive £500 per month for four months. This money can be used on anything to help you in your professional work, this could be:

  • Adapting practice – ways to work in the new normal. Developing practical steps to support your work to be more sustainable in future
  • Upskilling - training and development
  • Professional knowledge development / networking - including mentoring, attending seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Supporting yourself or your business (covering costs, expenses)
  • As cash match to support individual or joint applications.

Or if you have any other idea then we’d love to hear that too.

You could have a specific project or idea you would like to work on, but we are most interested in you as a theatre maker or as a theatre company. You can include work you might like to make during these four months, but if you don’t have a specific project or show then that’s also completely fine too.

We do not expect you to produce a finished product by the end of this work. This money is purely to support your professional development or help you develop an idea.

Please note: You can apply for both this fund and the smaller £750 fund with Sheffield Theatres. Please just ensure that your applications do reflect both opportunities as they have different parameters (e.g this is a more open and longer period of support whereas the £750 fund is a shorter more specific fund).

The Application Process

How do I apply?

To apply you need to complete Application Form and Equal Opportunities Form. These can be downloaded here.


The deadline for applications is Monday 26 April

We will inform applicants if they are successful by Friday 14 May

Guidance on filling in the form

Your Work (Up to 200 Words).

Please tell us about yourself and your creative practice / work This should be a short statement about your practice/work. We understand that this may be mainly from the period pre-March 2020 due to the impact of Covid.

This might include:

• the main focus of your artistic, cultural or creative activities

• your main creative achievements to date – for example, productions, important commissions you’ve received or important pieces of work you’ve completed

• brief information about who you have undertaken work for/with (cultural partners or collaborators).

• any other information relevant to your track record

Your Opportunity (Up to 500 Words).

Outline the opportunity you want to undertake.

This might include:

• What activity you plan to undertake, and how long it might take

• Why is this important for your practice? (What your main aims for the activity are, and why now?)

• How you hope this will help create future opportunities. (What you want this opportunity to lead to; what will be different about your practice as a result of this funding, milestones in your development.)


Here is some advice which might help with your application.

  • Have you completed all questions on the Application Form and filled in the Equal Opportunities Form?
  • Ensure that your application clearly explains what you intend to do. It’s helpful to get someone else to read through your application before you send it to check that they understand what you have written.
  • Check you have included any requested links or attachments. Check the links work.
  • Please don’t use acronyms.
  • Career Development - consider why what you are asking for is important to you and your work? How would this funding help in achieving a step towards your future?
  • Keep it simple! Don’t overcomplicate ideas unnecessarily – think about what you want, not what you think the panel expects. Is what you are suggesting feasible and realistic – can it be achieved for the funding asked for?
  • Question whether you are at the stage to take your project forward.

What happens next and when to expect a decision

Selection Criteria

We anticipate that we will receive many more applications than we can fund.

A selection panel made up of staff from Sheffield Theatres and Cast will make decisions on allocating funding.

We will look at the strength of your application alongside other applications we receive. Strong applications will show a clear development plan and it is important that you clearly outline how funding will help you sustain or adapt your practice, develop new skills, gain new contacts, create new work or develop your future career.

We will also consider the range and balance of different activities we’re supporting to ensure we fund a broad range of activity types, practices and individuals.


Once decisions have been made you will be contacted by email to tell you if your application has been successful or not.

We aim to tell people of the outcome by Friday 14 May. If you have been successful you will be sent a Funding Agreement and further details on how to receive funds.


If your application is unsuccessful we will record a short paragraph of written feedback about your application. We will endeavour to highlight the strengths of your application and where it could have been stronger. We are aware of the need for improving the feedback on applications and so are aiming to improve this area as best we can.

Data Protection

To undertake administration of this scheme Sheffield Theatres and Cast will need to collect personal data from you. We are committed to maintain the accuracy, confidentiality and security of any information we gather. We will only collect and use personal information about you when we need this to undertake processing applications and taking successful projects forward.

We will keep a record of your contact details and your application. If you make a successful application, we may request further information from you; this will include your bank details.

We will NOT share bank details or any information that is not deemed relevant with any other party, without your express consent and will only retain information for as long as necessary i.e. to use for the purpose it was gathered. We may aggregate anonymous data, such as statistical or demographic data, for research purposes to help us evaluate the scheme.

Anonymous data is data that does not identify you as an individual and may be derived from the anonymous Equal Opportunities Form included in this process.

Contact details and help

If you would like further information before submitting your application please email either Rosie Clark on or