Steampunk Social - Sat 16 Apr from 4pm

14 Apr 2016

Clocks 1888: The Greener

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are cordially invited to attend a Steampunk Social before the 7.30pm performance on Saturday the 16th of April of Clocks 1888 at Cast in the township of Doncaster. The 'Social' will commence from 4pm, and respectable individuals are invited to gather to celebrate this esteemed new opera which takes place in the workings of the clock that runs London's East End. The Social requires no financial commitment (FREE) but we hope you procure a ticket to experience this fascinating contemporary opera. 

Before the Social at 2pm: Theatre Design Workshop

From 4pm

Meet up in the cafe bar with special offers

including Old Speckled Hen and Estrella for only £2.50 / pint

Tapas will be served until 6.30pm, and pre-order your afternoon tea for only £7.95 by Friday 15 April on 01302 303 958

Tea Painting Workshop with Lauren C Waterworth

Tea Duelling and your chance to win 2 tickets to Granddad and the Machine, a new steampunk fairytale for grownups.

'The Box' Portal Window

International artist Terry Chipp is renowned for his ability to capture a likeness of people at their point of transition between two worlds.
While some hesitate to leave the shadowed, womb-like safety of ‘The Box’ others may choose, whether boldly or tentatively, to break into the light of a wider world. For some the Portal Window of ‘The Box’ is a place to observe the outer world or present themselves in a display of finery.

Whatever their demeanour Terry Chipp will be on hand at our Steampunk Social to capture their moment of decision with his visual recording device. 
Participants will be required to commit about one minute to the process.

A copy of the image will be sent to the victim (sorry) sitter free of charge. Some of the collected images will be transformed into fine works of art which will be available for sale in the future.

Exhibits from:

Rachel Tiplady

Verne Industries

Verne Industries is a technological and aetherial creation of a mister Mr James Verne. He has brought together some of the most creative and technologically advanced thinkers, to create machines and devices. These will astound you with their abilities to deal with the forces and problems we can see - but also the forces and problems we cannot see. We have the very great honour of working for Her Majesty Queen Victoria and the British Government. We aim to protect the Commonwealth and all its subjects from the horrors both seen and unseen that the world of the 1800s has to offer. The villainous intentions of foreign powers are always at the forefront of our thoughts. The invisible enemy is also a constant threat. The threat of which we speak is that of the malign magical kingdom. Dr Nicodemus Dandelion is the head of our creative technology department, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge into areas that are both dark and menacing. You are about to enter a world of sheer wonderment, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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