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08 Jun 2015

Fun Palaces

Calling all artists, theatre-makers, poets, musicians, sound artists, video artists, facepainters, gamemakers, scientists, gardeners, carpenters – you get the idea...

In the 1960s radical theatre director Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price imagined a place called a Fun Palace. A place of radical learning, a ‘university of the streets’ a place of making, play, art, science, a building for everyone. Somewhere you can be entertained, you can learn to build or make something, or you can teach another to build or make something.

This year hundreds of Fun Palaces are happening around the country; free, radical, transformative, and driven by the communities that they are a part of. A place where sciences and arts and people meet.

On the 3 October 2015 Cast will become a Fun Palace. Like Joan and Cedric we embrace the ethos that a Fun Palace should engage visually, spiritually, creatively and artistically with as many parts of the community as possible.

If you’re someone who works in tech/science/games/digital/the arts and you’re free some of that weekend – we want you to join our community.

What we're looking for?
People who are fun and can share fun things with others - learning a craft, learning about something new, having a play.

We are looking for people who can spend some of their time sharing their own knowledge and skills with others. Whatever you're passionate about, we want you to bring it to our Fun Palace.

We're inviting submissions from creative local people working in the arts, tech or science. We want to hear from people who can talk passionately on their chosen subject in a short presentation, right through to those who can offer hands on demonstrations of around 45minutes or more. The one key ingredient must be FUN - death by powerpoint or workshops that exclude people are strictly forbidden!

If you think you match the bill and can join us in creating a brilliant Fun Palace then please complete the ideas form (below) and return to us by Tuesday 15 September. We'll then go through all the submissions and select the ideas we think work best together. Depending on the number of ideas we receive we might not be able to take up everyone's offer - but we'll be in touch with everyone who contacts us.

So, what are you waiting for?! … Join us in making our first ever Fun Palace!

About Fun Palaces
Fun Palaces is an annual, free, nationwide celebration of arts and culture, driven by localism, innovation and engagement, with a core passion to encourage communities to create by and for themselves. Fun Palaces shouts, sings, shimmies, stomps from the rooftops: arts and sciences, all culture, is a crucial part of human life, and they are truly glorious. Inspired by theatre director Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price’s never-built vision of the Fun Palace; one venue for all arts and sciences, engaging and welcoming to all. Fun Palaces are not just about one weekend, they're about coming together to create, celebrating localism and community in the everyday.

As we build our Fun Palace we're looking forward to finding out what you have to offer. From there we'll make a plan to bring together as much as possible under our one roof. We can't wait!

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Chris Rose's picture

Has anyone offered any hands on sessions with the Raspberry Pi Educational Computer - I own several and can do a demonstration and possible some hands on sessions ? I own six Raspberry Pi's and I am willing to offer my technical expertise to anyone who feels they would like to know more ?
graham's picture

Wow! This sounds ace!! We'd love for you to come and show us all Raspberry Pi - thanks for the offer. You didn't leave your email - so could you drop Graham a line at and we'll be in touch straight away. Best wishes! Graham


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