Be a part of The Colour of Time 2015

26 Jun 2015

Be part of The Colour of Time

Be a part of The Colour of Time, an international street theatre event that will take over Doncaster Town Centre in an explosion of colour based on the Indian Holi Festival.

As part of the celebrations for our homegrown production of Dancehall, Cast and Right Up Our Street has teamed up with international theatre makers, Campaigne Artonik to bring their production The Colour of Time to our streets.

And you have been asked to be part of this explosion of powder and joy!

If you’re aged 9+ with an interest in theatre, dance or performance you can join professional performers in this massive processional dance from the centre of town to Cast. Click here to watch a video of the procession.

In a rainbow eruption of powder and dance, The Colour of Time brings a stunning reinvention of the traditional Holi festival celebrated in India. Each year, people throw gulal powder in the air showing great joy and mirth, celebrating unity, acceptance and diversity through these colourful embraces.

In a massive dance-theatre parade, dancers and musicians move in a choreographed parade towards a huge finale. Joining in, the audience are invited into a riotous explosion of colour and joy, painting the sky with an explosion of Gulal powder.

To be part of the company you will need to be available for the dress rehearsal on Friday 18 September (6.30pm - 8.30pm) and the performance on Saturday 19 September (call time 1pm - 4.15pm).

The next workshop for people who want to take part is on Monday 7 September, 6.30pm - 8.30pm.  Please register by cliking the link below.

For groups that wish to teach the dance to themselves, the deadline for registration is 11 September 2015.

If you are interested taking part please email for further information and download the information sheets for dance groups, community performers and volunteers below. 

Register to take part in The Colour of Time:

 - click here for dance groups

 - click here for community performers and volunteers



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Comments 's picture

I would love to have my gran daughter involved
Georgia Collins's picture

Hi I would like to take part but it isn't letting me email for more information.
graham's picture

Oops - the link to email was broken but fixed now. If you still have trouble you can call us on 01302 303 950 and we'll take it from there. Thanks.
Georgia Collins's picture

Hi thankyou for fixing it :) I have emailed now.
Jane's picture

Hi, Are rehearsals, during the daytime and are they weekdays or weekends please? Cheers.
graham's picture

Hello - They are most likely to be either evenings or weekends. Thanks
Sarah Belk's picture

There is a rehearsal on Tuesday 18th August I believe from 6.00pm. Save the date.
Phoebe Precious's picture

I have only just seen information regarding the informal workshop taking place tomorrow - the 21st - is it far too late to take part?
graham's picture

Hello Phoebe - It isn't too late to be involved, and don't worry if you can't make tomorrow's meeting. Please email for more info. Thanks Graham
Oliver Holmes's picture

Hi Graham/Sarah It's Oliver from Kes and the summer school I am on holiday during the rehearsal but if I learn the dance can i still do it
graham's picture

Hi Oliver - The routines are designed so you can learn them at home, so this is possible. :)
rossalyndthompson's picture

Never been to one of these shows, but it looks great why can't we have one here right in Worksop. Town centre it be Fabulous. Come k. Let's have one in our town Worksop. It's only fairness got a great centre here for such a show
thompsonrossalynd's picture

Love to have such a show I workshop. It be great could you hold one here it be great to see this community come together, something like this would bring this community together, I should know something like this would be great.
BellaFury's picture

The colour of time is great fun and I would recommend it to everyone!
jenny's picture

Thank you - have you seen the news about this year's spectacular


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