09 Mar 2017

Discovering tomorrow’s entrepreneurs!

Doncaster Council, along with the Federation of Small Businesses, will be hosting a Teenage Market in May 2017.

Doncaster is excited to be holding its first Teenage Market in the Market Place in the Heart of Doncaster Town Centre on Saturday 13 May. This event will run from 10am-4pm and will welcome young people aged 13-25 to get involved and showcase their talents and entrepreneurial spirit. All young entrepreneurs and performers are invited to help create a great event for our town centre. The vibrancy and excitement that young people generate will bring a festival atmosphere to Doncaster.

The market is completely FREE to take part in and Doncaster Council hope that traders will take away large amounts of cash. Participants don’t have to be established traders or performers. Doncaster Council hope that through this important event, a whole new generation of entrepreneurs is discovered.

The Teenage Market offers a vital opportunity for young traders to experience face-to-face selling for the first time. Having the ability and confidence to make a sales pitch is an invaluable attribute for any teenager who fancies a career in business. Here’s a chance for you to hone your sales pitch and perfect your selling skills.

Doncaster Council is also looking for young performers to entertain the crowds. Who knows – we may discover the next ‘X Factor’ winner even before Simon Cowell gets a look-in!

It’s really easy to get involved: you simply need to register and create yourself a profile about who you are and what you do at theteenagemarket.co.uk. Once you have created your profile, you can then apply to take part in the Doncaster Teenage Market by clicking on the events page of the website and applying to be a trader or performer. Individuals and groups will all be welcome.


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