So what happened to concessions?

Over the last few years we’ve been phasing out the use of senior concessions.

Most people don’t know, but by the time you pay even a 'full price' ticket, Cast has already subsidised the cost of that ticket for you as part of what we do as a charity - typically by around 40%. We work hard to make sure all our tickets are as cheap as possible and have to make hard choices about what we discount further than that.

Cast has the cheapest average ticket prices in South Yorkshire. Our tickets are also 18% cheaper when compared to Yorkshire as a whole and a whopping 42% cheaper when compared to the national average.

But there's still many people who still find it hard to access the theatre for various reasons, and we're working hard to put that right. 

Why under 26?

‘Millennials’ may be the first generation to earn less than the generation before them (The Guardian) and local young people in Doncaster are some of the poorest in our society.

The integration commission say:

‘Today’s younger generations are finding it more difficult to get on the housing ladder, experience more uncertainty and slower pay progression as they begin their careers, and can expect less from the welfare state when they fall on hard times.

But the problems go even deeper. The risk is that young people today fail to achieve the growth in living standards that their predecessors enjoyed. That matters not just for young people, but for all of us no matter our age, and for the state.’ 

We’re concerned about the lack of opportunities younger generations face and the impact this will have on their wellbeing, learning, life chances and aspirations. So, we’ve decided to make an additional discount available so that they can access great theatre for a little less.

What's been the reaction?

Generally, we've found that those over 60 (both working and retired) don’t mind losing this enhanced discount, if it means the generation after them or young families can be given support to attend.

28% of people in Doncaster are younger, cash-strapped families for whom the arts play a very small role in their lives. Only 13% of Cast’s audience is made up of these people and that’s something we’d like to address.

How can we help?

Cast is a charity and your donations help us subsidise tickets and reach the hardest to engage, so please do keep giving when you can. You can also join as a member if you’d like to be more involved in what we do here and donate monthly. Finally, if you know of ways we can connect with younger families, particularly those who do not consider themselves artsy – we’d love to hear from you.

If you need a carer to attend the theatre, Cast subsidises tickets for carers. Need more information about our carer tickets? Click here.