We're really looking forward to presenting at Doncaster's Opportunities LIVE on Thursday 13 February.

Co-created by Doncaster Chamber and Doncaster Council, Opportunities Live will bring education and business together to inspire our future workforce and local talented young people. 

Our Deputy Director Clare Clarkson talks through her advice for a career in the arts. Clare has over 20 years experience working in the arts for some of the regions most prestigious companies and organisations. Clare says:

Be curious.  See all the shows you can – whether you think you’re going to like them or not, use them as a learning experience.

Take all the opportunities that are offered to you – placements, workshops, volunteering opportunities, sharings -  and undertake them with good will.  Eighty percent of success is showing up!  Even if you get nothing out of the experience itself (which is unlikely) you will begin to grow your network. 

Similarly, show support to your peers and colleagues in their work and try to be honest but constructive when giving feedback.

Work hard and diligently and be kind to people.  The arts and theatre business is large enough to offer a variety of wonderful opportunities but small enough to share personal references and reputations so don’t get a bad reputation. 

Try not to be discouraged by what today may seem like a rejection or a failed audition or interview.  Sometimes it’s just not your time and you’ll look back and be able to understand why you weren’t the right person at that time or even thank your lucky stars that you didn’t get that part/job/contract/audition.

Be persistent but know when to stop; remember that ‘no means no’ but no answer means ‘I’m really busy right now and haven’t got round to it’.

Challenge yourself and those around you and ask questions – don’t keep repeating yourself or stay in your safe zone.  Know when the applause are over and when to get off the stage.

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