We're really looking forward to presenting at Doncaster's Opportunities LIVE on Thursday 13 February.

Co-created by Doncaster Chamber and Doncaster Council, Opportunities Live will bring education and business together to inspire our future workforce and local talented young people

Nicola Doyle, our Community Producer who works using drama, dance, music etc in community settings shares with us, how she got to where she is and what advice she would give.

Go for it - If you love the arts (drama, dance, music, poetry, filmmaking, writing, art etc) do it! Take part in local groups, projects and activities. Whilst you are a student use your time to develop your knowledge, skills and expertise. Volunteer (if you can) with different organisations so you can get a sense of what’s out there, learn about your art form and gain a sense of value from what you do. But most of all have fun! Life is super short and before you know it you’ll be 41 wondering how on earth that happened. 

Every day is a learning day - If you want to/are able to further your education then do, it doesn’t matter how old you are or how you do it. I’ve gone back to Uni/college three times throughout my adult life and I love drawing upon other professionals expertise and knowledge. You don’t have to go to uni either as you can learn from EVERYONE, make it your business to know what others do within the theatre (or wherever you work) so that you have empathy and understanding (it’s easy to criticise others but not so easy to walk a mile in their shoes). 

Do what you love - Study what you want to study, something you have a love and passion for, not what you feel you ‘should’ study. 

Be compassionate - You are not always ‘right’ - there are many ways of viewing a situation. If you try to view the world from the perspective of others it can make you happier in the long run. That’s not to say be passive or submissive, be assertive and share your views respectfully with others

Be yourself - you may be just finding out what that means but when you are working with people, whoever they are and wherever they come from,  be genuine. Not everyone will like you, but that’s not anything you can control. 

Be kind to yourself  - you will make mistakes, try and learn from them. Seek help and advice from people you trust as talking often helps. Celebrate your successes and learn to take compliments when you do something well.

Take risks - challenge yourself to go outside of your comfort zone, trust in your ideas and creativity and work with people who are positive and bring out the best in you.

Try not to be judgemental - If you want to work within community settings, be open minded, curious, friendly and get the kettle on. Care about people, their lives and what they have to say. 

Theatre has the power to bring people together - Don’t under estimate the transformative power of the theatre in uniting people, communities and friendship. We have more in common and theatre really has the power to change lives. Ask yourself how does my work make my community a little bit better?

And to conclude - Don’t procrastinate. If you buy yourself an online excel course to improve your excel knowledge and skills. Do it. Don’t leave it for six months and do anything else instead (including writing this)