Cafe Bar Christmas Menu

Why not try something from our new festive drinks menu this December? 


Christmas Hot Drinks

Black Forest Hot Chocolate- £2.95
White Hot Chocolate- £2.95 
Frosted Mint Hot Chocolate- £2.95 
Children’s Hot Chocolate- £1.90 
Babycino- 60p (Frothy steamed milk in an espresso cup dusted with chocolate)


Why not add a syrup to your regular hot drinks for 50p? 

  • Amaretto (non-alcoholic) 
  • Gingerbread 


Christmas Alcoholic Drinks

Yorkshire Gin Fizz- £7.00 
Hooting Owl Yorkshire gin with hints of Mint & Rosemary served with prosecco & an orange peel twist!  

Mulled Wine 175ml- £4.00 
Mulled Cider 175ml- £4.00 
Perfect for cold winter nights  


Winter Spiced Prosecco- £6.50 
Flavours of ginger, cloves and nutmeg served with Prosecco


Boozy Hot Chocolates- £4.25 (Hazelnut Liquor, Tia Maria or Baileys)


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