19/62 Project – Help us tell Doncaster’s story

"The hard working, hard drinking miners of the Glee Club are preparing for their local gala. This is the summer of 1962; music and much else is about to change. 19 year old Colin is the youngest member and just wants to be a rockstar, but after this year, nothing and no-one will ever be the same again.”


1962, the year America sent their first man to space, the year Marilyn Monroe sang Happy birthday to JFK, the year the events of The Glee Club changed Colin’s life forever. The Beatles rose to fame and brought with them the swinging sixties and Doncaster never looked back.


We're teaming up with Out of Joint and Kiln Theatre to bring The Glee Club back to Doncaster. We want to find out what has changed and what has stayed the same about life for teenagers in Doncaster between now and 1962.


If you’re 19 now, we want you to find someone who was 19 in the 1960s and film the two of you answering the questions below. OR you can just film your segment and we’ll match up the footage with someone else.


1) Tell us about your favourite song?

2) Tell us about what you like/liked to wear?

3) Tell us what you do/did for fun?

4) Tell us what dating is/was like?

5) Tell us what you do/did for work?


Once you’ve done that please send it to hello@outofjoint.co.uk by 6 January 2020 and you’ll be entered into the prize draw to win our VIP experience. We’ll be creating a super-cut of as many entries as possible so follow our socials to see yourself online.

Find out more here, including handy how-to videos!