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niki's picture

Fantastic cast.... Entertainment for the whole family.... Well done CAST amazing show
Ginette , Millie and Ellie 's picture

Really had a fab time - great panto !
Pat Knight's picture

Great pantomine, first in many years. good production, laughs and hoarse voice from shouting "its behind you". keep up the good work.
Susan Forbes's picture

As a born & bred Donny community artist at Artfelt, I must say this was a heartfelt professional production with something for everyone. I borrowed a child for the evening but could have gone on my own & still had as much fun! Loved the costumes, sets, live music, singalongs, dance & wanted to see more of the ethereal horse! Well done CAST!
Bob Johnson's picture

First panto in over 20 years great nights entertainment for young and old (mature)
Melanie's picture

Fantastic evening, great for kids and adults alike! would urge everyone to go and see this entertaining production.
Janine 's picture

Great panto! Really professional and so much fun! Great venue too :)
Tracey @ Cussy's picture

By far the best Panto I have ever seen, and there has been a few! Very talented cast, great theatre and fun for all.
Louise's picture

Absolutely fab. Thanks to the cast for a great performance. Very talented people. Great fun.
Kenneth 's picture

My sister watched the pantomime tonight shes really enjoyed it.


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Salmonella and Buttons day out around Doncaster

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Posted by Oliver, 7 Nov 2013

Ugly Sister Salmonella and Buttons take a break from panto rehearsals for Cinderella to have a look around Doncaster.

As you can imagine not all goes well, Salmonella spends most of the morning eating pork pies at The Frenchgate and...

Q and A with the Ugly Sisters

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Posted by Oliver, 29 Nov 2013

Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters Rubella and Salmonella tell us why the prince is bound to be dazzled by their beauty at the ball. 

Which of you two is the prettiest sister? 

Rubella: Well, that’s obviously me, Rubella...

Q and A with Kully Thiarai on panto

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Posted by Oliver, 29 Nov 2013

Kully Thiarai shares the secrets of creating Christmas pantomime magic.

Why is the story of Cinderella such an enduring favourite?

Cinderella is a classic rags to riches story – told in...

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a Cast Production

Directed by Kully Thiarai. Written by Joel Horwood and Morgan Lloyd Malcolm with additional material by Fine Time Fontayne.

Designed by Ali Allen.  Musical Direction by Matthew Bugg.


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A beautiful girl, a wicked step mother, two ugly sisters, a prince, a fairy god mother, a pumpkin and lots and lots of magic. 
Ok, so everyone knows the story of Cinderella. It’s our favourite pantomime after all. In this brand new version, written especially for Doncaster, expect plenty of twists, turns and surprises.
There will be live music, beautiful costumes, mayhem and plenty of silly songs.
Will Cinderella get to the pick-a-princess ball? will the Prince fall in love with her? And what about Buttons, what will his fate be?
Directed by Cast’s Artistic Director, Kully Thiarai, Cinderella is our very own production and will have more magic and sparkle than ever seen before.
"a massive feel-good factor... from this venue’s first ever pantomime season."
The Stage
"lavishly designed and costumed...a palpable hit with the children in the audience"


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